Winter Solstice 2022

Winter Solstice Dawn over Lake Calabogie 2020

This hope-filled reflection for Winter Solstice 2022, written by Kate Fitzpatrick of County Kerry, Ireland, is shared with us here through her gracious permission.

There are few words to say

At this Solstice time.

A deep silence pervades.

The Journey through Samhain is almost complete,

As the December days brighten

And we await the Sun’s stillness before it turns.

Go outwards to the Land.

Soul aligned with the new energy

In the brightening sun.

Pure white now.

There is a beautiful joy awakening in the Earth

She is radiating love out to us.

Go and meet that energy,

Rose pink at dawn and dusk 

Pure crystalline light.

Can you hear the singing of Mother Earth?

The uplift in her colours?

Everything is coming into a new harmony

Go outside and listen for this song.

And sing with it,


For the land is free,

Aligned and ready to uplift.

Go out and speak with the Earth

For this time the changeover to New Earth is forever.

( Kate Fitzpatrick & Mythic Voice – December 2022)

2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice 2022”

  1. What a beautiful greeting/reflection for Solstice, Anne Kathleen…back to you, and I definitely intend to visit in the spring…


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