A Visit to Sophia

January covers my deck with layers of snow, tripling the height of table, chairs, barbecue. Thick icicles descend over my windows, threatening like the sword of Damocles to plunge into any creature who dares to walk underneath. The colour scheme is drab, lifeless. Grey skies hover over white snow-covered lake and earth.

And yet, on rare January mornings I waken early, drawn to my window overlooking Lake Calabogie. The palette of dawn allures me, stills me. I sit to watch as colours deepen, soften, a living dancing painting in the sky….

One morning I stay while the earth plunges eastwards until the sun appears between snow-covered trees, startling in its star-shaped magnificence.

 January’s treacherous beauty begins a new calendar year, inviting us to look at our lives with fresh eyes, to focus our energies, dust off our dreams, perhaps to choose new pathways for our days on this beloved planet. To assist with this discernment, I offer you a meditation by Jean Houston from her book, Godseed.

You may wish to record this on your phone so you may listen to your own voice as you make this “Visit to Sophia.”

After a long spiralling journey upwards, you find yourself at the very top of a high mountain. You go inside the mountain to a path that travels downward in a spiral. Moving along the path down and around within the inner mountain spiral, you pass scenes of your own life, from your earliest infancy. You see or sense yourself being born. Continuing on the path down and around, to your earliest childhood, you see yourself taking your first steps, forming words, reaching out and grasping things, learning to feed yourself. Further down you see yourself learning to tie your own shoes and attending your first days at school. Continuing down, you see yourself learning games and reaching out to other children. As you continue, you see yourself growing up fast and learning many things. You see your adolescence. Further along you observe stages of your life until today………..

Suddenly you find yourself at the very bottom of the inside of the mountain. There you discover a door of baked mud. Going through it, you find that it leads to a hallway and to a door of water. You pass through the door of water, and it leads to a door of fire. You pass through the door of fire, and it leads to a door of winds. You lean against the winds and pass through. This door leads to a door of bronze, and you pass through. This door leads to a door of silver. You pass through the door of silver and find a door of gold.

At the door of gold there is a shining figure who says to you: “Through this door is the Sophia. Through this door is the Wise One herself, the incarnation of Wisdom. When you pass through this door, you will be in the presence of the Sophia. There you must ask your question. You may see her or you may sense her. But know that she is there. She who is Wisdom itself. When you are in her ambience, whether you see her or hear her or sense her or feel her, ask your question. Her answers may come in words or in images or even in feelings.”

You now have four minutes of clock time, equal to all the time you need, to be in the presence of the Sophia and ask your question and receive her answers.

   Thanking the Sophia for her wisdom and kindness, and knowing that you can always return to visit her again, begin now to go back through the door of gold, the door of silver, the door of bronze, beyond the doors of winds, of fire, of water, of earth, beyond the spiral of the stages of your own life, reaching the top of the mountain. Now take the spiral path back down from the mountain.

Find yourself here in this moment. Open your eyes, sit up and stretch, and if you wish, write your experiences in a journal.

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